Creating Solutions


Law Asia 365is a knowledge management consultancy firm servicing the legal practice. We want to help create a happier & more productive  legal practice industry through the efficient handling of information & resources by strategically using tech tools & knowledge sharing platforms.

What we do

Branding & Marketing

Brand positioning & brand expansion exercises for Malaysian law firms more often than not require a lot of time & delicate handling.

Legal Tech Solution

Strategic deployment and usage of legal technology bring efficiency and efficacy to the workings of law firms.

Credit Control

Debt coordination & recovery is a peripheral yet crucial function for firms of any form & size.

Professional Development

Continuing professional development & training is essential to grow your people & your business.

Grow your brand


Your brand is your greatest asset. Let us help you grow it!

Content Curation

contents for firm’s social media
contents for professional social media
contents for print media
Graphic design for digital & print media
photographs & videos for digital postings.
photographs for print media

Event Management

Curation of talks, workshops, seminars and trainings on soft skills
Create participation opportunities to relevant highlight events
Design & execute innovative programs, competitions and other events

Media Management

Strategize content distribution across multiple digital platforms
Strategize content distribution across selected print platforms
Manage digital public relations
Manage media public relations
Create media opportunities for events held


Use billable hours for billable work. Leave the credit control to us.

Assist in full spectrum of credit control & collection of receivables.

Keep accounting system updated.

Coordinate with respective firm and/or teams to achieve target collection.

Maintain & monitor efficient records of collection activities.

Analyse transactions & reconcile with available records

Timely issuance of statement of account and reminder letters.

Follow up payment with clients professionally and accurately

Review credit control processes to improve efficiency from time to time.


Grow your people to grow your business. We help plant knowledge seeds & nourish them too!


include advocacy, negotiations and presentation skills. We engage business coaches, professional speakers & senior advocates to share tips & tricks on how to perfect those oracyskills.


Numeracy Skill are business acumen & sensitivity to numbers. Both of which are essential to the workings of any firm. We collaborate with industry experts to bring insights, tips & knowledge to law firms from a business perspective.


Literacy skills for legal professionals ranges from research skills to technical legal knowledge and application of legal knowledge. We help streamline collective internal knowledge & help the firm create a structured platform for knowledge sharing, so everyone is on par with each other.