The Art of Storytelling for Lawyers

Speaker: Salt Media


Storytelling is not just about fiction or spinning an entertaining rale of make-believe worlds and alien beings. A great story can be inspiring and can educate and change people’s perception as it draws interest for deeper understanding. For example, the math subject is often seen as boring subject but with a good storytelling it can bring interest to life from what otherwise would be dry facts and less than tantalizing statistics; it can turn the most complicated math formulas into easy-to-digest nuggets of information. A great storytelling will enhance the overall experience of learning and understanding. It is very important for every lawyer to master the skills as lawyers will need to present and prove their cases in the court.


Salt media is a consultancy firm that bridges the gap between people, information and knowledge through storytelling. It was a privilege to have Salt Media presented a compelling sharing session on the art of storytelling.