Stress Management




Speaker: Dr. Johnben Loy, Founder & Clinical Director of Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy


To become successful, we learn how to ignore our negative thoughts and emotions to push through and produce good work. Yet the tyranny of success demands that we keep on pushing through even to the detriment of our well-being, our physical health, and the stability of our family relationships.

For many who have come to realize the collateral damage that can occur with over-success. Turning around is much harder than it sounds. Our habits were formed over decades; undoing it takes time, effort and perseverance but it can be done. Begin with an understanding of our “selves”.


Here are some of our favorite tips from tuning in to the Doctor’s calming voice:

  • Take time to savour the moment and we will realize the little experiential details we may have missed out during our daily rush and routine.
  • Emotions are controllable, and such control can be achieved through practice. Start by acknowledging the emotions that runs through your veins, and notice how you react to them.
  • Being mindful of our emotions can shift negative Reactions to positive Responses.