Branding in 21st Century

Branding in the 20th century is about opening up options for customers. Now in the information overloaded 21st century, branding becomes a simplifier of choice – an exercise that requires the brand to give a unique a relatable customer experience.


Alan Hoo is the founding partner of Chapter One Asia, Asia’s largest and fastest growing brand and image consultancy firm since 2005. He subsequently went on to build BrandImage Consultancy,Trainers Asia and BrandImage International Institute – organisations that specialize in helping clients develop strong first impressions and brand identity.


A versatile entrepreneur and a passionate trainer, Alan has designed and pioneered various experiential and thematic based programs in the industry such as ‘Personal Branding Workshop’, ‘BOSS Entrepreneur Workshop’ and many more.


We concluded a fantastic session on Branding in the 21st Century with Alan Hoo. Here’s the 3 main takeaways from this session by Adeline Chin: